Juggling meets multimedia art

QBS (pronounced: cubes) is an extraordinary combination of multimedia art and juggling. In this theatre show fascinating innovation meets breathtaking skill.

The dry and repetitive ambient of a factory is fading and the audience is taken on a journey to a playful and colourful world. Visual effects on a flexible projection surface and world class juggling fuse into dreamful sequences. Simple movements are decoded to beautiful patterns and light traces. Combining all of this with live music and humorous situations QBS is a celebration for all senses.



"Acrobatics with a multimedia dimension" BNN, 30.12.2015
... pushing the limits of technical feasibility, it is charming to the eyes." BNN, 15.9.2014
"Complex, virtuoso shadow play, digital light fountains, a breeze of electronica sound - this is the mix that creates from 'simple' juggling this dance-like, acrobatic wonderland." BNN, 15.9.2014
"... a poetry full of artistic beauty, that becomes an homage to the juggling by itself" BNN, 15.9.2014
"...everybody loved the show concept. Finally they got a roaring applause as well as standing ovations." Matthias Gmeiner-Froschauer, 27.8.2018




General enquiries and booking: office@qbs-show.com

Produced by:
Feldweg 15
4202 Hellmonsödt


Funded by the Arts and Culture division
Förderung durch die Sektion für Kunst und Kultur, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich

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